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Tips For Brides...



Skin is always in; therefore it is the most important part of your big day. While it is your artists job to make you look and feel your best on your wedding day, it is your job to ensure that you have a good baseline.


 Drink lots of water

 Moisturize daily

 Exfoliate one/two times a week

 Use nourishing and hydrating masks (please check ingredients -no allergic reactions!)

 Use an Eye Cream

 BREATHE. Stress causes skin flair ups, I promise everything will be fine. :)

Do Not:

Get a fresh spray tan right before your wedding day. (it can turn out the wrong color, or uneven. do a test run a few months before your wedding- and your wedding tan should be 2/3 days before for wiggle room)

get a facial or peel a few days before your wedding (extractions and facial can irritate your skin and make little unexpected bumps/blemishes appear- this should be done at least 1 week before your wedding day)

wax the day before your wedding (brows can be done 2/3 days before - if you wax your face it needs to be at least a week, or your foundation will look splotchy where you were waxed, since there is fresh skin present. 


For body care most of the same rules apply from skin care- especially when speaking on tanning.

a few tips or things you can add:

Full Body Scrub- you can book one at a Salon/Spa and trust me, you will thank me later, especially if you have a backless dress




DO YOUR RESEARCH. Pinterest & Instagram are great inspiration kick starters-

bring lots of pictures to your trial- maybe you like the front of one style and the back of another or a particular eyeliner from one picture and eyeshadow from another- no detail is too big or too small. This is your day and your wedding look, it should be tailored to you. 

Be realistic and ask questions; Especially with hairstyles.

  Some hairstyles require extensions and added hair pieces to create, this doesn't mean you cannot achieve your desired style, it just means it might need a little help.

For my brunettes:

  Please keep in mind that if your hair is one color (meaning no highlights or added dimension) intricate styles won't show up in photos-

those little added braids and details get lost- its best to pick something simple.

When choosing a veil or hair accessories- Unless it is a family heirloom, pick your veil or added accessories after your hairstyle is chosen. There is nothing worse than choosing a beautiful blowout as your style to be left with a heavy veil, and no where to stick it to.

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